The Olympics Are Coming

There's no getting away from it. The Olympics are here. At least I hope they are, or there's a dude running round London with a flame. The last time that happened we lost Carpet Right.

We've had months of moaning about the games being held here, which probably stems from the fact that we're paying for it and we don't think we're going to win much. If moaning about the Olympics was an Olympic sport we'd get gold, and then we'd stop moaning about them. And lose the medal... now this is confusing.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said the London Games will show the world what Britain is capable of. And he's right. Grid-locked roads, security lapses, embarrassed politicians. It's like a little mini-UK for everyone to see.

Speaking on Sky News (still close with Sky is he), Jeremy said the Olympics will boost national confidence at a time when the country needs it.

Does he mean if we win a lot of things? Because if he wants us to win a lot of medals he should get his friends in the Government to arrange another 3 mile queue at customs. If we can keep the other competitors queuing in airports we might win.

Or does he mean we'll get a sense of satisfaction from hosting the thing? We'll enjoy paying to get beaten by people? That's sounds a bit S&M. He really is a Tory, isn't he?

I hope he's right, but even if he's not it won't really matter. It's in the British nature to moan and complain, so while the Olympics are on we'll continue to pick fault with everything. But when the Paralympics start our British awkwardness will kick in and we won't be able to say anything other than, "Isn't it amazing what they do." One way or another we'll get behind it.

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P.S. During the Olympics you can read our special sporting news section. Just bookmark the SomeNews: Olympics feed.


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