Niall Says **** Off In One Direction

Niall Horan - you know, he's the One Direction singer who most 14-year-old girls want to send to prison indirectly - has apologised after a film of him calling some fans "a shower of c*nts" was posted on YouTube.

What a delightful phrase the little man came out with. I'm more of a traditionalist, and I'd prefer a bath.

He made the comment to a group of fans who had gathered to meet him at the airport. Oh come on man, have some respect. Do you know how much they had to pay in parking just to see you? They were there for about 3 minutes, so that's about £20 in the short-stay.

Horan has taken to twitter to apologise for his language. He wrote: "Really sorry if I caused any offence."

"If"? How exactly could you say "a shower of c*nts" in a non-offensive way?

MAN1: "You lot are a shower of c*nts!"
MAN2: "Oh cheers mate. I'll be sure to pass on your regards to the boys."

The only way being called "a shower of c*nts" could be a compliment is if it was a correction after you have just been called "a rain storm of c*nts".

The fans who uploaded the clip claimed that Horan made the comment as "banter". They even said apologised for the trouble it has caused him. He calls a bunch of girls "c*nts" and they say sorry to him. Looks like feminism is doing well.

She added: "He has a different sort of bond with us Irish fans, shower of c*nts is a private joke between us and him. Now everyone relax."

A private joke? Then the internationally accessible YouTube is certainly the place for it.

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