£230 For Royal Wedding Toast

A slice of toast left over from the breakfast table of Britain's Prince Charles on his wedding day to the late Princess Diana sold at auction for £230. That quite cheap compared to the rest of the Duchy Original brand.

The humble scrap was kept by a former servant of the palace as a memento of the 1981 wedding. And I suppose it is a special bit of bread. No one expects toast to last longer then the wedding. You certainly don't expect it to last longer than the marriage. Heck, this toast even lasted longer than the bride.

Rosemarie Smith, whose daughter worked for the royal family for nearly three decades, saw it after it had been collected from his room, and nabbed it. I guess it was a good idea. Put "wedding toast" on eBay and people will think it's something more than it really is.

£230 for a bit of mouldy toast is a lot though. I thought rarity determined something's collectability. If that were the case my toast will go for even more. Princess Di looked like she often didn't finish her breakfast, but I always fit it all in. If you find someone selling my second-hand toast on the web, it's fake.

The toast was sold by auctioneers Hansons to a UK buyer, a record for a piece of toast whose royal connection helped make the lone slice one of the most valuable food items ever sold at auction in the UK, a spokeswoman said.

Thankfully it had gone cold or George Osborne would've made them add VAT on top.

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