Fancy A Urine Chaser

If you smoke, drink too much or have lots of sex with wrong 'uns this story is about to make you feel better about your addiction.

A woman in America has come out as suffering from an addiction to urophagia - consumption of your own urine.

Eugh! I hope this isn't a gateway addiction. Next thing she'll be pooing into Tupperware. But while drinking your own tiddle is cheaper than a lot of other addictions it doesn't have the coolness. Amy Winehouse never sang, "They tried to make me go to urine rehab, I said, 'Wee, wee, wee!'"

Consuming urine is pretty gross, and is the main reason I don't buy hotdogs from street vendors, but this story gets worse. She doesn't just drink it, she also bathes and brushes her teeth with the urine, inhales it through a neti pot and even uses a small cup to put it in her eyes.

It says on the website I found this story:

"She kept her addiction a secret from most of the people in her life."

Really? They couldn't tell by the smell? She bathes in it. Add in some Yardley's Tweed and it'll be like an old people's home around her.

This is in the news because the woman in question is going on a TV show to tell her family all about it. I think the most worrying thing about this is if you stop to think about what the green room refreshments will be like in that TV studio.

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