The Longest Eye-Worm

How's this for gross? A man had a worm removed from his eye.

Ewww! But on the plus side, his vitreous humour now tastes like tequila.

It was in India where an old man went to the doctors with persistent pain in his eye. The doc had a look and saw a writhing parasite. He had to operate speedily to remove it before serious damage was caused.

He needed a steady hand though. One wrong move and he could've cut the worm in half, which would've grown into two worms. Trust me, I'm a scientist.

Experts say it could've entered his body through a cut or possibly because he ate something that wasn't cooked properly. So it's just like how you would normally get worms. But they're meant to come out of your arse, not out of your face. Was he lying the right way on the operating table?

The surgeon, Dr Seetharaman, said he had previously only heard of worms of about two to three centimetres being removed. This one was 13cm long. It was so long that, when they had pulled it half-way out of his eye, they checked his underwear to make sure the cotton wasn't being unravelled.

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