Is Holly Willoughby Coming Round Yours

A new survey has found that the UK's favourite party guest Holly Willoughby. Well, I'm glad someone finally got to the bottom of this big issue. We still have no cure for cancer, won't don't know what happens in the Bermuda Triangle, and we can't make a UHT milk carton that doesn't try and shoot it's load all over you, but we have settled the big issue about who to invite to a party.

Why would you want to invite someone you don't know? You reach an age when hanging out with people who already know you is so much less effort.

I suppose you could invite a cele if they could bring free party food. But that means Stacy Solomon with her food from Iceland. No deal. And it used to be Kerry Katona.

Princess Kate took second place in the poll of 2,000 Brits, by McCain Wedges.

McCain Wedges? Why should they care who we have round for a party? They're just want to sell more wedges. If anything they should tell us to invite people who'll eat a lot. Forget Kate Middleton, she doesn't eat enough carbs. They're shooting themselves in the foot.

In third was chef Jamie Oliver.

If you're inviting Jamie Oliver round you won't be serving up McCain Wedges. You might as well serve turkey twizzlers and rub his face in them.

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