Oh No, Bieber Fell

Big news, Justin Bieber collapsed. So, let's look at what happened this week. First we heard he was late, then we heard he collapsed. OMG, Justin Bieber is pregnant. It'll be a shock to some who didn't even think he'd hit puberty.

But this is serious. He was on stage at the O2 when he suddenly said, "My lungs hurt." It just goes to show how much turning up on time can really take it out of you.

It said in the newspaper, "Heart-throb, Bieber..." and I'm assuming by that they were complimenting him, not describing his medical condition... "Heart-throb, Bieber spent 20 minutes undergoing first aid. He had slumped into the arms of aides as he left the stage and was then given oxygen."

So that's why they call it the O2.

His manager Scooter Braun told the shocked crowd Bieber was having to be treated by emergency medical teams. He went to see a doctor, tweeted pictures about it, and went home.

Now, only a cynic would say that Bieber's problem was that his late start was the biggest news story linked to him. Being very publicly ill helped to change the news agenda and got him some sympathy.

I'm not saying he faked the illness to cover up for his rock and roll behaviour earlier in the week, I'm just saying if that's how it works, what kind of diva strop made the Queen fake having those really bad shits?

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