Scorpion In UK Shopping

At a time when it seems like every meal contains horse-meat, here's one that didn't. A woman in Scotland was unpacking her food shopping when a scorpion ran out of the bag.

She sprang into action, and checked the receipt to see if she was charged for it. Or maybe that's just what I'd do.

Amanda Johnstone saw the little creature scuttle across the floor towards her 6-year-old son Ross and elderly mother Gloria, who leapt out of its way in terror. It's not the first time a 6-year-old in Scotland has gone running in terror from a bag of groceries, but normally that's because he's seen a vegetable. (Sorry, I'm not helping the national stereotype there.)

It was also impressive that the gran ran away. Amanda said: "Mum's just had her knees replaced." And after that incident I bet she'll need her knickers replacing.

Amanda's nephew Aaron was called in to scoop up the unwelcome guest in a pint glass (he's not helping the national stereotype either) while she phoned for help from animal rescuers.

The creature was later identified as a non-lethal North American desert hairy scorpion. Animal rescue officer Tricia Smith said: "Desert hairy scorpions aren't deadly but if bitten the pain can vary from that of a bee-sting to intense inflammation and sickness."

I've seen a scale where bee-sting is at one end and bigger swelling is at the other before. But that was on a Channel 4 documentary about breast implants.

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