Anne Hathaway In Same Frock Horror

Anne Hathaway In Same Frock HorrorAnne Hathaway apparently "threw a fit" when she saw a photo of the dress Amanda Seyfried would be wearing to the Oscars, because it looked too much like hers.

Well, in her defence, we all know how annoying it is when you turn up to work and someone is wearing the same outfit. If I arrive at work and see someone wearing the same clothing I just run away. It's one of the reasons I was thrown out of the police force.

Anne had planned to wear a gown by her good friend Valentino, but changed her mind after Miss Seyfried shared an iPhone snap of her own Alexander McQueen vintage-inspired creation.

I say, "vintage-inspired", but maybe that was one of the filters on Instagram.

A source told Us Weekly, 'Anne was like, "WTF?"'. Ah, classic Anne. But look on the bright side, you avoided the embarrassing situation of being seen near someone with a similar outfit. Unlike these pair on BBC News.

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