The Case Of The Escaped Murderer

The Case Of The Escaped MurdererA prison inmate tried to escape by hiding in luggage. That was risky. OK, you might get out of prison, but if Ryanair get their hands on you, you may never be seen again.

Convicted killer Gavinson Garcia, who is just 5ft 3ins, folded himself in a zipped suitcase — brought in by his visiting girlfriend. Straight away the wardens knew something was wrong. A woman with only one suitcase? Yeah right!

Staff at Yare II jail in Caracas, Venezuela, saw her struggling to drag the wheeled bag near the exit. They checked it and found Garcia inside with his head between his legs.

There are so many questions about this story. Like, if he can get his head between his legs, what does he need that girlfriend for? (To reach things on shelves for him, I guess.)

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