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Mr Steve N Allen presents...

The first live comedy album by Mr Steve N Allen, recorded in London in front of a live audience, is out now! There's a digital download available to buy. Get Steve Does Happiness (Live) on Amazon for £6.21.

You can also find it on iTunes and Google Play.

If you prefer things a little more 'old school' you can have an actual CD copy sent to you for £10 (UK only – elsewhere in the world email for details on postage and packing price). To order your CD you can use Paypal...

...or email cd@somenews.co.uk

Steve Does Happiness is a comedy album all about how to stay happy in this harsh world. It began with a tweet asking, "Are you happy now?" That starts us on a journey through being happy with your love life, your looks and trying to stay happy in the modern world.

The track listing is:

Mr Steve N Allen comedy albumTrack 1: Steve's Work Happiness
Track 2: Your Work Happiness
Track 3: The Joy Of Home
Track 4: Big Trouble In Little Euro
Track 5: The Relationship Risk
Track 6: The Single Life
Track 7: Looking Good
Track 8: Trains And The STD's
Track 9: The Long And The Tall Of It



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