Doctors Are Giving Placebos

It's rare I cover news stories that affect me so directly, but this one does. Today I twisted funny and hurt my back. I should clarify, when I say I twisted, I mean the movement, not the dance.

A felt a shooting pain and realised I was in for a few days of walking like I've pooed my pants. I was going to go and buy some over-the-counter painkillers but I remembered what I had read in the news. New research says most doctors have given patients a placebo to either to keep them happy or reassure them. And those patients end up feeling better, so I went and got some over-the-counter placebos. I got Tic Tacs.

97% of doctors admitted giving placebos that are not proven, such as antibiotics for a viral infection, and 12% had used ‘pure’ placebos, such as sugar pills, which have no medicinal value at all.

Doctors are prescribing sugar pills, and then they wonder why type 2 diabetes is on the increase.

Oxford research fellow Dr Jeremy Howick, one of the study’s leaders, said: "This is not about doctors deceiving patients. The study shows placebo use is widespread in the UK, and doctors clearly believe placebos can help patients."

Oh. So when the doctor gives you a placebo they're trying to help you. Well, they're trying to help you if they say you should take them orally. If they prescribe them as a suppository you've clearly upset the doctor.

And I certainly didn't use my over-the-counter Tic Tacs as a suppository. Last time I tried that I got banned from WH Smith.

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