China's Pet Toilets

China's Pet ToiletsChina has planned to install more than 1,200 public bathrooms for pets.

This is the best idea ever. Pets are great, but when you see a human cleaning up after a dog has "gone toilet" you have to think, "Who's the master in this situation?"

In the South of China they plan around 80 of the "animal toilets". They makes them sound more advanced than they really are. It's just a concrete square filled with sand. There's no plumbing and cisterns, which is for the best. I know there's a video of a cat on the web that can flush the loo after it's used it, but if you watch the video carefully, it didn't wash its paws after.

What I like about this story is that they are building these animal loos because of new laws where Chinese residents who fail to pick up their pet's excrement will be slapped with a fine worth about £50. So they build pet lavs to help. In this country they set up a law that could land you with a fine and set things up so you get trapping into doing it, like the box junction in Holborn.

And the other reason I think these are great: Back in my drinking days I was often caught short, and you can't just go in the street unless you're Paula Radcliff, so a pet loo would've been perfect. You'd have to pretend you can't speak, grunt, and crawl on all fours, but back in my drinking days, that's what I did at closing time.

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