Kit Kat Chunky And Plasticy

Bad news from the world of filling your face.

Nestle has recalled four varieties of Kit Kat Chunky bars after pieces of plastic were found by seven people. And it also explains why they are so chunky.

This is a shocking story. A food product recalled that doesn't have horse in it. Unless it contains some of this...
plastic horse
The company said the 48g peanut butter, hazelnut, choc fudge and caramel flavour chocolate bars were being recalled "to avoid any risk whatsoever to our consumers".

The other chocolate bars in the range aren't recalled, despite the risk of obesity, stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. But biting into a little bit of plastic, you're safe from.

Those ones were the limited edition flavours in the new promotion where customers could vote for the one flavour they wanted to become permanent. Due to this mix up their new flavour could be "bakelite".

Nestle advised consumers not to eat the products and return them unopened for a full refund. A full refund for the price of one bar of chocolate. At least the Ferrero Rocher people are spoiling us, this means you have to send back a chocolate bar to get 60p.

Or, pretend you didn't read this, bite into it, and sue them for all the dental work and mental distress. That recession beating tip was brought to you by SomeNews.

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