The Late Justin Bieber

Good news. Last night Justin Bieber went on stage at the right time. Oh good. That means thousands of young girls have the energy to profess undying love for him online all day. That, in no way, fills Twitter with utter crap.

I'm not a "Belieber", but credit where it's due, his time keeping was better than the night before. At the first gig he turned up two hours late. Two hours!? That's unbeliebable!

Well, some say it was two hours but on Twitter Justin said he was only 40 minutes late. I don't have a joke about that, I just want to be fair in case Twitter reads that I have said something about Justin Bieber and they set out to get me. If Justin's Twitter army attacks not even Lady Gaga's monsters would be enough to mount a successful defence.

According to the front of the Daily Star, Beiber says he held up the show because he was "trying to act cool". If turning up two hours late is cool, the man who was meant to repair my boiler is a style guru.

Monday's gig at the O2 didn't start till after 10pm, on a school night, and for once I'm not using that as a euphemism. The atmosphere at the gig was terrible. His fans started to boo him before he got on stage. That's bad. Even I get to tell a few jokes before I get booed.

JB's just a typical teenager enjoying a night out. He turns up late with plenty of boos.

But, to all of the young girls who were so distraught because Justin was late, at least now you know a little of how your future high school boyfriend will feel when you tell him you're late.

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