Britney Spears Does An Ashley Cole

Britney SpearsDo you remember Britney Spears? For ages everyone knew she was a virgin, and then she ended up with a bald head. Sounds like my twenties.

Well, now she's having a spot more bother. Her former bodyguard is to release a series of embarrassing nude pictures of her.

Embarrassing and nude? How is that any different to her music videos of late?

He claims Britney sent him the photos on her mobile phone.

He was her bodyguard, maybe she was just trying to help him, like a low tech CCTV of what he was guarding.

Fernando Flores has told pals he will use the "filthy" snaps in court to back his £9million sexual harassment lawsuit against the singer.

I still think it's a tricky case. Can you really claim receiving sexy pictures on your phone from a sexy lady is a for of harassment? All she was doing was saving him the effort of doing a Google search.

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