Man Breaks Dancing Record (Not Break Dancing Record) By Not Really Dancing... To Records

Nightclub owner Steve Stevens has got himself in the record books for dancing non-stop for more than five days.

There are people who take e reading this thinking, "Part-timer!"

There's a video of this at the bottom and you'll see that the word dance is rather loosely used. He's like a dad at a wedding. Admittedly, a really long wedding, but still...

Steve Stevens strained his right knee but managed to keep moving for 131 hours.

All he was doing was rocking from side to side and we given him a world record. If you rock from back to front for the same time you get locked up.

The former Ironman triathlete kept up his energy levels with a diet consisting of protein shakes, fruit, porridge, jacket potatoes, chips and lasagna.

That's where he went wrong. After dancing like a knob in a night club for ages there's only one food to choose... kebab.

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