Sheen Exclusive

The Sun has landed an impressive exclusive interview with Charlie Sheen. Impressive because getting him to string two words together at the moment is quite a feat.

In the interview he says he is having a three-way relationship with Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin.

I have never been in that situation but I'd say, if you're in a relationship where there's one bloke and two women, you'd better learn to leave the toilet seat down.

He described his other-thirds as, "like the toughest cats in the room."

What, they were the one's who wouldn't let you put them in a wheelie bin? It doesn't really sound like a compliment. They're like cats that can win fights – so they'd like Lion-o and Panthro​​?

If you have ever wondered about the logistics of a three-way, he answers that saying, "We have to have two beds. It's very smart and that way no one gets demoted to the couch."

They're not allowed on the couch? What are they, dogs or cats? Make your mind up.

He added: "The partying has been epic - what I can remember of it."

He has memory gaps over the last month or so. We could make up any old crap and he's probably believe us. We could tell him Gadaffi has been voted off after Libya's political system was taken over by Simon Cowell. We could tell him John Galliano has quit to go and solve the crisis in the Middle East.

We could tell him Lady GaGa went out dressed in a nice floral skirt and a strappy-top. Nah, he'd never believe that.


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