Funny Science

Good news for the comedy world, a scientist has worked out and equation to calculate how funny a joke will be.

This is great. If I do a joke on stage and it doesn't get a laugh I can show my workings and hopefully still get some points.

Expert Alastair Clarke reckons the equation h = m x s explains why we find some things funny. Alastair, an evolutionary theorist from Cumbria, said: “The pleasure we get (h) is calculated by multiplying the degree of misinformation (m) by the extent to which the individual is susceptible to taking it seriously (s).”

So, if you say something that is false (large value for m) but someone believes it (large value for s) it should be really really funny.

But why is it when I say, "No my dear, your bum doesn't look big in that," I don't even get a titter?

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