Charlie Sheen's Home Gets Raided

Things keep getting worse for poor old Charlie Sheen. The latest thing was when the police raided his home to see if he had some illegal guns hanging round the place.

Not only is he living with porn stars, he might have guns. He certain isn't very clean living. Which is ironic, because he's called Mr Sheen.

There were claims that he had a cache of weapons but when the LAPD paid him a visit they only found bullets and an antique rifle.

I can see what happened here. When they said he was shooting up...

It's been claimed that he has a bit of a drugs problem. We should've seen this coming, because even his first name is Charlie. Which makes you feel sorry for Roger Moore.

This police raid comes after he went a bit mental and was sacked from the TV show Two And A Half Men.

I think they should replace him with Tome Cruise. But they'd have to call the show Two Men.

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