X-ray Proof Pants Stop The Naked Scanners

There are some ideas I wish I thought of and took on Dragon's Den. A businessman has invented x-ray proof underwear to protect passengers' modesty when they go through Manchester Airport’s "naked scanner".

Ah, that flippin' scanner. I don't know why people in Manchester get so upset that a scanner can see them naked. Have you see how they dress when they go out on a Friday night?

But Steve Bradshaw was quizzed by armed cops and missed a flight when he refused to enter the scanner this year.

Quizzed? What questions did they ask? "Excuse me sir, are you avoiding the scanner because you're a terrorist or you have a small tagder?"

The dad-of-one (I think that answers that question) told security staff the technology was 'invasive' and breached privacy. So he went off and invented x-ray proof pants.

They use a special coating to bound the x-rays back which means you can't see through them. He has already made a sale. Someone called Lois Lane...

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