Salt Banned In Chip Shops

The Daily Express has found something else to moan about. They have the headline: "Salt Banned In Chip Shops".

Good, because after the trouble we had in winter we should be saving our salt for the snow.

We live in a country where thousands are killed by salt every year, through heart disease, and then hundreds are killed in the winter because of no salt when their cars go spinning off the roads.

The newspaper says, "Daft health police wreck the nation's favourite treat."

I suppose it would be daft. Taking the extra salt out of the fish and chips won't make it a health food meal, you still have a the starch and the saturated fats. Banning salt in chip shops is like banning the use of lead bullets – getting shop by a lead-free one isn't really better for your health.

The trouble with banning salt is that you will force it underground. Although, that's where salt comes from, so I guess it's OK.


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