Judges On Drugs

Are Our Judges On DrugsToday The Sun asks: "Are Our Judges On Drugs?"

Well, let's look at the evidence. They have long hair, a very strange sense of fashion... yep, they're on marijuana. But they do seem to like 'order', so maybe not.

OK, let's look at more evidence. The judges talk a lot and always insist that they are right. Must be on cocaine. Which means it's not dust on all those legal books.

But they're so old I don't think their hearts would take it.

Oooh. Let's not forget that people say alcohol is a drug. That causes slurred speech and can lead you to make bad decisions. Yep, they could be on that.

Alcohol is the drug that the judges are on.

Well, they say alcohol is a drug but it's not really. You try buying it from your drug dealer.

DEALER: "What do you want, mate? Weed? Pills?"
YOU: "No. But could I get a white wine spritzer... blood?"

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