Prince Andrew Named In Sex Probe

Prince Andrew Named In Sex ProbeYesterday's News of the World had the headline: "Prince Named In Sex Probe".

You think Andrew's name turns up in some bad places. You should see where Prince Albert's name gets used.

And today the story goes one step further. Now we hear Prince Andrew's trade role is to be downgraded because of his links to Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire US financier being investigated over his involvement with underage girls.

Look on the bright side, Andrew may lose his job as a special trade envoy to the UK, but he'll get another one working for Silvio Berlusconi.

I'm no expert, I don't really know what Prince Andrew being Britain's special trade representative means. I think that's like a grown up version of Swap Shop.

In fact, when I heard we were sending Prince Andrew abroad on 'trade missions' I thought they meant we were going to swap him for a less embarrassing royal.

It's been a tricky time for the Prince. A picture was released last week of the prince with his arm round Virginia Roberts, then aged 17, who claims she was sexually exploited by Epstein and his friends.

The Prince is playing it all wrong. At the moment his relationship to Epstein is making Andrew look bad. But if he were to say Epstein was acting as his speech therapist...

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