TV To Show Ads Just For You

We all love adverts. Apart from the Boots advert, and the Halifax ads, and the stupid Lotto ones and... OK, most ads are rubbish but they might be more to your liking in the future.

Ad breaks that are tailored to your house will be on TV soon. It will use information about the household and about your viewing habit.

The ads will be determined by my viewing habit! Oh crap, I'd better stop watching Babestation or my life will be filled with adverts for tissues and opticians.

BSkyB is testing the television scheme, called AdSmart. The new technique raises the prospect of a single male viewer being hit with adverts for beer and razor blades, while the family next door would see commercials for toys and package holidays.

That's all very well if those are the things you're seeing the adverts to but if you turn on the TV and you see an advert for Lidl... Oooh, you'd take that to heart.

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