Tomatoes On A Plane

There's a story in the news of Kayleigh Barker who has a phobia of tomatoes. It sounds silly enough but add to this that she is a waitress. A waitress who has a fear of healthy veg. She's better get a job in McDonald's.

Apparently she runs our of the room is she sees a tomato. She's like an advanced salad dodger.

She must've hated Red Nose day.

She said: "My boss made me close my eyes... told me they had a present for me and put a tomato in my hand."

Sounds like you were lucky it was just a tomato.

Interesting her fear of tomatoes, called Lycopersicoa phobia, doesn’t extend to ketchup, as she loves the stuff.

That makes sense. A lot of people have a fear of clowns, but clown puree...

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