Cheryl Cole's Death Treats

The Daily Star goes with the headline "Cheryl Death Threat". Apparently she has been receiving death threats on her trip to visit troops in Afghanistan.

I thought I'd point that out in case you thought it was Cheryl making then. We all know if she has one of those toilet attendants ask for some money after handing her a paper towel she'll probably start with the treats again.

But this is the story of her getting death threats while in Afghanistan. Also to clear things up, it's not death threats from the troops she's singing to. I've been heckled in the past but I've never tried to play to an audience who all have guns.

It be honest, if any Brit went to a place where we are currently fighting a war, there's a element of implied death threat.

Inflammatory cleric Anjem Choudary warned: "The fact that [Cheryl] is prepared to support this war in Afghanistan I think shows the naivety of the woman. She has put herself in great danger by being such a high-profile visitor to the region."

Oh dear. It looks like Cheryl is in for a falling out with one of the scariest and most influential men in the UK. But her next meeting with Simon Cowell should really be saved for a different news story.

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