UK's Health Is A Lottery

Health LotteryThe Express today has: New Lottery To Make Britain Better.

Eamonn Holmes was there to launch Britain's biggest lottery which has been designed to help our healthcare system. Of course. Because when you look at Eamonn you think, "health"! Giving a man with his appetite an extra appearance fee is hardly curing Britain's obesity issues. It'll help Gregs though.

If you look on the front page of The Star too you can see that Eamonn Holmes and Melinda Messenger were at the launch. Oh, so obesity and elective surgery. Well picked.

This lottery is pledging 50million pound-a-year to health causes.

I thought our NHS was already a lottery. They normally say it's a 'postcode lottery', which I didn't mind. I don't have a ticket but I have a postcode, so I'm just waiting till they tell me I've won.

Do we want a lottery to be linked to our healthcare? Normally if you go to the doctors and he says you have to wait for the right balls to drop you've just asked him about when you'll get pubes.

The other newspapers are less positive about this lottery but The Express and Star are raving about it. The lottery is set up by Richard Desmond. Is that Richard Desmond who owns The Express and Star?


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