Pregnant At 61

Pregnant At 61A 61-year-old woman is expecting her first baby.

It's going to be all dribbling and nappy-changing... and then a baby will come along.

No, I'm kidding. This is a wonderful story. This woman wanted a baby and thought it was too late for her, but thanks to a donor egg and what I imagine must've been a lot of WD40, she became pregnant.

She's from Brazil and has asked that her name not be used. Oh, I don't think people need your name to work out who you are. How many other 61-year-old women will have a massive pregnancy bump under their jumpers? Only you... and the shoplifters.

She had already gone through menopause but she got herself a 38-year-old hubby and wanted to be a mother.

Well, you shouldn't have married him. You should've adopted him. Two birds, one stone.

It's not without its risks. Being pregnant at that age puts a lot of strain on the woman's body. And the doctors have to pay special attention as things can be different, like when the mother's waters break it looks more like someone blowing the dust off an old book.

She's not the oldest woman to be a new mum; a few years back a 66-year-old woman gave birth after IVF. That was medically fascinating. She was so old she was the first women to breast-feed powdered milk.

OK, I have to be honest, I'm so jealous. She's a pensioner and she's pregnant. She can get any seat she wants on the bus.

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