Starbucks Film You On The Toilet

I love a nice trip to a coffee shop. I'm always sat there, with my grande cappuccino, tapping away on my netbook in the hope that people will see me and think I must be writing something important, rather than just another joke about Cheryl Cole.

However, my love of coffee shops has been rocked by this news. It's something that I might lose sleep over, and I drink so much caffeine I don't have much left to lose.

Starbucks is being sued by a dad who says a hidden camera in the toilet of the coffee chain's Washington branch was uncovered by his five-year-old daughter.

What? Starbucks are spying on our wee-wee-tinkles? Why? I know they have that display that shows the stages the drink has gone through, from the green coloured bean that gets picked, through the roasting processes to the cup you drink. Are they that keen on seeing what happens to it next?

Also, let's be honest, a cup of nice warm coffee has an effect on the drinker that means... well, it probably wasn't just wee-wee-tinkles that people were doing. And when Starbucks say they love the brown stuff...

28-year-old William Yockey is suing Starbucks for $3million accusing them of invasion of privacy. He says the camera was hidden inside the U-shaped drain beneath the bathroom's sink.

Ha! That camera footage is on U-tube. How fitting, because I'm sure that's almost where it will end up.

Police dusted it for fingerprints and cordoned off the bathroom before taking the camera away to be used as evidence.

Imagine if you were in there having a coffee and saw the police turn up and turn the loo into a crime scene. You'd think, "Wow. I've done some bad ones in my time but never one bad enough it broke a law."

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