Kids These Day's, Eh?

A new survey says kids these days don't know the basic tasks we all learned as we were growing up. Only one in five of youngsters said they could tie a reef knot.

In their defence they might not be good at knots but they can bit torrent films and can loot better than we ever did. And maybe it's a good thing that kids can't tie people up. Just saying.

Also, 20% of kids say they would be able to repair a flat tyre on a cycle.

Even this one I can't really complain about because the last time I had a flat tyre on my car I thought, "Should I bend down and sort it or just get my money's worth out of that RAC membership?" And the thought crossed my mind, "I'd rather pay someone to bend down for me." Thankfully it's the only time I've thought that.

Just 17% of the young folk said they would be able to identify a star constellation using a telescope.

Oh come on. If you gave the younger me a telescope the only thing I'd identify would be the next door neighbour's teenage daughter's bedroom window. I'm reading this list and realising I can't do most of these either.

The poll, for the Scout Association, found almost a quarter said they would not be able to make and fly a kite or pitch a tent.

I could pitch a tent as a teenager. Especially if I had a telescope and was watching the neighbour's daughter through her window.

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Q: What did you learn as a kid that you never use these days?
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