Mike Tindall's OK With Mother-In-Law's Joke

England rugby star Mike Tindall has defended his mother-in-law, the Princess Royal, for asking him to get his nose straightened before his wedding.

Really? Don't you think it takes the p*** for a member of the royal family to make comments about someone else's odd nose? You wanna check you're own gene pool first, luv. Forget the fancy crown, the biggest thing that gets handed down in that family is the chromosome for large features.

He says the comments were "a light-hearted joke".

A joke about the fact you look funny? She's harsh. What did she say? "You're going to get married looking like that? I think you should have some work done but... it's no skin off my nose."

And don't worry, Mike didn't have any work done. Good. He already has TV star looks. Well, he looks like a Sontaran from Doctor Who.



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