Breast-Slapping Beauty Treatment

I am a keen reader of health news. I used to read the Daily Mail health pull-out all the time till I worked out the pattern. No matter what the ailment was they simply recommended drinking more water. Got dry skin? Drink more water. Suffering from headaches? Drink more water. Want to lose weight? Try drinking more water.

And then I read one about the silent killer that is diabetes. It said, "You could have diabetes and not even know it. Have you noticed you have been going to the toilet more?"

Yes, because of all that bloody water you've got me drinking.

But I still like to keep on top of the latest health news, so I was happy when I found this story. In Thailand you can now get a slapping treatment. For about 8 million Baht (about £3.50, probably) you can get a woman in Thailand to slap you around. I'm not surprised by that, but I'm not a Tory so that's not what I'm into.

This isn't a kinky thing though, it's a beauty treatment. Women are paying money to get slapped in the face to make them more attractive. Save yourself the cash, just marry Stan Collymore.

And it's not just face slapping. For a little extra you can buy the breast slapping, which promises to make your boobs bigger.

Yeah, because of swelling. I'm sure you'll have a very impressive pair on show as you make your way down to A&E.

You can see it all in the video below. The beautician also offers buttock slapping. She slaps buttocks and she gets paid for it. I do it just once, and it's a trip to HR!

Women keep going back for this treatment which proves that being slapped about a bit can make your boobs grow, tighten your bum and sort out your face. Or it disproves that being slapped could knock some sense into you.

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