George Osborne Lost The Whip

George Osborne lost the whipBad news for George Osborne. He faced more questions about his role in the decision to bring the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson into the Conservative Party, but the best part of all this is the part of the story that involves a dominatrix.

Ah, it's just like the good old days again. The Tories and sleazy sex scandals. Just give me a mobile phone the size of a litre of milk and it's the 80s all over again.

Natalie Rowe, who once ran the Black Beauties escort agency (don't worry, I Google it, no horse were involved), had been targeted by the NOTW's private detective Glenn Mulcaire before the publication of a story in the middle of the last Tory leadership contest about Mr Osborne's friendship with the former vice madam. Ms Rowe said the treatment of her story by Mr Coulson, the then editor of the NOTW, may have had an effect on his subsequent recruitment to Conservative Central Office in 2007, with Mr Osborne's active encouragement.

Back in the day when the Tories were always linked to prostitutes we were all making jokes about those women doing to them what they were doing to the country. By that I guess we meant they were screwing the country.

And that is why it makes sense for George Osborne to be linked with dominatrices. They're doing to him what he is doing to the country. They're probably causing him lots of painful cuts, choking growth and squeezing the bits that feel it most.

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