The Pill's Memory Effect

New research says being on the contraceptive pill can affect a woman's memory.

Oh dear. That's a shame because it's the one pill you really need to remember to take.

Experts say women who take oral birth control tend to remember different aspects of an incident from those with natural menstrual cycles.

I'm truly shocked by all this. My ex was on the Pill and yet she could remember every details of everything I'd ever said when she needed it in a row. If that was her with a worse memory she must've been some sort of Derren Brown.

By changing a woman’s hormone balance, the Pill alters the way she remembers information, the study suggests. Those taking the drug are less likely to remember details of an event, but instead retain its overall emotional impact.

To be fair though, she's most likely to have an emotional impact if she's not on the Pill and has to raise a child.

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