1/3 of Men Can't See The Point

One in three men are so fat they can't see their own penises.

Looking on the bright side, if you have ever seen a picture of a naked fat man you'll know he's not missing out on seeing that much.

A shocking 33 per cent of 35 to 60-year-olds are so overweight that their manhood is hidden from sight when they stand upright and look downwards.

Of course you have to be careful with news stories like this. This data has been spun by the health nazis who keep telling us to eat less and do more exercise. It could also have been spun this way...

"A shocking 33 per cent of 35 to 60-year-olds have such small tadgers that their manhood is hidden from sight when they stand upright and look downwards."

But you won't hear that story in the news because big business makes money out of selling diet products, or something like that.

The figures show more than 5.6million men in Britain are potentially dangerously overweight and risk knocking up to nine years off their lifespan through strokes.

Strokes? Yeah right, while they can still reach it.

Meanwhile a staggering 44 per cent of those aged between 51 and 60 fail the ’spot the penis’ test, says the research. But that could be down to failing eyesight. This is a complex issue.

This is in the news because of a new campaign by the website WeLoveOurHealth.co.uk which has launched the "Big Check". They say it's an easy DIY test that men can do to see if they're worrying obese.

I'm not so sure. If you haven't seen your penis in a while, you're fat but don't let it get to you. But if no one has seen your penis in a while, that's when you really need to worry.

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