The Truth About Your Teeth [Dental Expert Interview]

A new survey has found that many grown adults believe some pretty stupid myths when it comes to cleaning their teeth. If you're reading this in America you will be unsurprised that this survey was done in the UK as you think we have bad teeth. If you're reading this in Scotland you'll be unsurprised that this survey was done in England as you think we have teeth.

Let me ask you some questions and see which you think are true or just myths.

Do you think you should always brush after a meal?
Do you think brushing can wear away tooth enamel?
Would you brush less if you had bleeding gums?
Do you think the tooth fairy should be charged with breaking and entering?

To find out all about this I interviewed Damien Walmsley, Professor of Restorative Dentistry and a Scientific Advisor for the British Dental Association. If you want to hear the answers to the above questions, and find out the truth behind the myths, listen to the interview below.

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