No More Respect

Respect Party leader Salma Yaqoob has resigned and quit the party, blaming a "breakdown in trust" at senior levels.

A breakdown in trust? It kind of seems like what that party is lacking is some "respect". It's ironic that what the party lacks is exactly what the party is called, but it's not the first time it's happened.

The Tories once ran a successful ad campaign that said "Labour Isn't Working", which highlighted the irony that a party called Labour had given us unemployment, and wasn't a protest by new fathers who'd just got home from a hard day's work to hear all about how "tough" the birth was.

Right now the Conservative Party aren't managing to "conserve" much when it comes to the National Health Service.

Recently I got a leaflet through the door about the Green Party.

It seems that whatever you call a party, the reverse will at some point become true. That means that the Monster Raving Loony Party are probably a sensible bet for the next election. And it's not just in politics, all party names are wrong. Ever had someone throw you a surprise party? I bet they did it near your birthday. How is that a surprise? That's exactly when you'd be expecting it. If you're going to throw someone a surprise party do it near your birthday, not theirs. It'll give then a surprise and give you a nice night out.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, maybe the Respect party is all about having self-respect. Hmm, George Galloway once wore a leotard on TV and meowed like a cat for our entertainment. Nope, it's clearly not about self-respect either.

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