Car Crashes Into A House

This is a worrying story. A couple were lying in bed when a car crashed through the wall of their house into their bedroom.

I've woken up to find some scary things next to me on a Sunday morning, but they were always people. Imagine coming to, rolling over and finding a silver Lexus in bed with you. You'd think, "Wow. I must've been desperate."

Apparently the car left the road near their house in Epsom, Surrey, hit their car which acted as a ramp and launched the Lexus into the air. And as it was a Lexus you know it didn't even indicate before going into their house.

I expect the driver's statement includes the phrase, "I was driving along and this house just came out of nowhere."

In the newspaper it quotes one neighbour as saying the car sounded like "a plane falling out of the sky" when it crashed into the family home. Good call. Most people have never heard a car crash into a house, so what's something that we can all relate it to? Oh yeah, that common sound of a plane falling out of the sky. If that neighbour has actually heard both maybe he's the jinx.

The driver of the car and the two passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries, but the family inside escaped without a scratch.

It seems terrifying, but as it was in the morning I probably would've been too groggy to realise the true horror. I would've leaned over and hit the bonnet to snooze it for 9 minutes.

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