Kylie at the Holy Motors Premiere [Red Carpet Interview]

I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of the new film Holy Motors. It was the day after I went to the screening (you can read the review of Holy Motors here). While we didn't get to speak to the director, and the lead actor wasn't there, little Kylie Minogue turned up.

It was amazing to see her in the flesh. OK, I had pangs of guilt as I remembered the role her 2004 official calendar played in my development. Wow, July was a very good month. I didn't get a tan that year.

Kylie Holy MotorsKylie Holy MotorsKylie Holy MotorsKylie Holy Motors

It wasn't the smoothest of red carpet interview environments but you can hear what happened below.

Or downloads the mp3 here

But the big question for me what, what did she think of the film and what it meant. Here's the closest we got to an answer in this video clip...

See it on YouTube

Holy Motors is out on September 28th.


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