Man Cuts Off Hands To Stop Stealing

An Egyptian man cut off both his hands to stop himself stealing.

Right now his nose is hoping he doesn't have a falling out with his own face.

Ali Afifi had tried to stop nicking stuff but he couldn't, so he decided to take the matter into his own hands (oops, phrasing) and make it so he couldn't steal any more. He cut off his hands. If only there were some other way like, not taking stuff.

He went to the main train station in the western Egyptian town of Tanta four years ago and waited for the train to come his way before putting his hand under its wheels. His dad then had him sent to an asylum, but when he got out he cut off the other hand.

I suppose it shows a level of commitment greater than most of us could ever manage. We struggle to cut down on carbs or to stop smoking and have limited success. Credit where it is due, he does something drastic that will totally work. High fiv... ooh, actually, don't.

For his sake I hope he doesn't walk past a hotel room where someone has left their nice slip-on shoes outside.

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