Citizens Ordered To Flush Toilets On Monday

Residents of Zimbabwe's second-biggest city have been asked to flush their toilets simultaneously on Monday at 7.30pm. That could take some serious planning. It means they'll have to take the laxatives about 4pm.

The plan is to get everyone to flush at the same time to help the sewers. A lot of them are blocked and it is hoped that the synchronised flush will clear them out. It's a risk though. We've all been in that situation when maybe you have used too much paper and not everything goes down, so you have to take a gamble with that second flush. Maybe it'll flush it all away, or maybe the blockage will win and the water level will rise up. Well, they're taking that risk on a city-wide scale. If it doesn't pay off I'll be reporting on wide-scale flooding.

Authorities in Bulawayo, the country's second-largest city (ironic they go straight to number 2), have appealed to residents to flush their toilets to clear built-up waste. The city's mayor says the mass flush will be a weekly event.

Only weekly? They want to get more fibre on the go.

It could work. If everyone flushes at the same time if will create a large blast of water. It's like, if everyone in China jumped up and down at the same time it could cause a tidal wave. There are probably some people in Japan who still think that's what happened.

But it won't just be a big splash that it causes. If everyone pulls the chain at the same time it will also be the loudest flush ever. Anyone on their way into Bulawayo will think, "I'll give it a minute."

And of course, there's another famous side-effect of flushing the loo. You have to feel sorry for whoever is in the shower at 7:30pm on Monday.

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