Free Tesco Basket?

A Tesco supermarket has had 500 of its shopping baskets stolen after a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags was introduced last year.

If it's true that Tesco brought in the charge to stop people using as many plastic bags, then mission accomplished.

The store in Denbighshire, north-east Wales, has just 16 baskets left following the surge in theft.  The store has been hit hard since Wales became the first place to introduce a 5p charge for all plastic bags in supermarkets last October.

I understand the thefts on one level. 5p for a crappy bad that splits if any of your items aren't spheres isn't a good deal, especially when they give you a metal basket for free.

And a metal basket is even better than a bag for life, because it could actually last you all life. The bags for life I've bought in the past lasted under a year. Thanks for the vote of confidence Tesco. I know you know I buy some bad food but I should last a few more years.

The tax on plastic bags has seen the number given away by shops fall by up to 96%, according to figures released in July. Good for the environment. Till you add in the environmental cost of making all those metal baskets.

And what happens to all of the baskets? Do people in Wales have a cupboard in the kitchen overflowing with metal baskets, kept "just in case"?

Joking aside, it's wrong. For the sake if spending a little money the locals are nicking baskets and causing everyone inconvenience. Think about it. Why steel a basket when for just one pound you can get a trolley?

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