Naked Scanners Scrapped

Airport body scanners that show the passengers naked are to be scraped. I'm not surprised. Have you seen the general public? If your job involved looking at them naked you'd want out too. It must be like watching specialist porn.

The security system failed to get EU backing apparently. And normally Europeans are all for checking out nudity, as Kate Middleton found out.

The problem with the old system was, people didn't like the idea of some security guard sitting in a room somewhere looking at their naked outline. But did anyone really think they'd be perving over their pics? They may show you naked but not in a normal way. If you're lying on a bed in the nude, maybe you look good. But if you're filmed with you clothes still pulling some bits in like a super market chicken you're not going to be stored away in some guy's Royal Bank of Wank. However stunning I'm sure you are, blurry in black and white with your bits squished, you're not going to beat the internet when it comes to "things to perv over".

The plan is to use a new "privacy friendly" system. That's a system that can still film you naked but no human actually watches it. Hmm, nudity but no one watches. They should call it "Big Brother".

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