Heidi Klum vs Seal

Heidi Klum and Seal are getting divorced and it looks like it's turning into a war of words. Although a war of words between an 80s singer and a supermodel could run low on ammunition.

Seal said that she was "fornicating with the help" because she had a fling with her bodyguard.

At least she's giving him an incentive to keep guarding her body. It makes for a good worth ethic. And why not? Most couples meet in the workplace, just because she's the workplace shouldn't be a problem.

It's good that she has someone who cares for her and it looking after her during this period. And most bodyguards aren't just thugs. They are trained in interpersonal skills, survival, and even mechanics.

If her car breaks down the bodyguard will pop the hood, take and look and say, "Looks like you've blown a seal."

And she'll say, "Well, before we were married, but less so after."

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