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Embarrassment for the Tories after Peter Cruddas was filmed offering access to David Cameron for £250,000. Embarrassment for the Lib Dens, because Nick Clegg paid it!

For a quarter of a million you can have dinner with David and Samantha Cameron. The big question is, how much extra to make it just Samantha? Some candles, oysters. She is a stunner. Look...

She's like a fit Miranda. You've got to love a posh bird. They don't 'come' they 'arrive'. They don't catch 'crabs' they have 'lobsters'. And once a month, they don't have the 'the painters in', she'll have the "feng shui expert round'.

This caused a big hoo-haa for the Tory party but I'm not sure why. Surely the concept that if you have the money you can buy what you want is at the very heart of the Conservative ideal. It's like the belief that the workers' unions should have power is at the heart of the Labour concept. And like the Lib Dem ideology, any port in a storm.

To try and regain some credibility David Cameron released details of the dinners he had with donors. I read the details they released and I wasn't impressed. No recipes. Shame.

David Cameron revealed he had a "thank you" dinner at No10 after the election in 2010 and guests included Anthony and Carole Bamford, Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover and Andrew Feldman. He decided to use opening comments before a speech on dementia care in London to make a statement on the affair.

That's cruel. He brought up details of who he had dinner with in 2010 in front of some people who can't remember what they had for lunch today. Tut David, tut.


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