TOWIE's Lauren Pope On Her PIPs

Lauren Pope, from the TV show The Only Way Is Essex, has told a newspaper, "I was terrified my PIP implants were a ticking timebomb."

If you could hear ticking coming from your boobs, that wasn't your implants, you probably had a collapsed lung. I'm not a doctor but I've watched a lot of episodes of House, so that should count for something.

Lauren was one of the 40,000 British women fitted with potentially toxic Poly Implant Prothese implants made from silicone used for mattresses.

I don't know if this was a mistake or a mix up. If it was the latter then there are people out there sleeping on boob-grade mattresses. Like in Cornershop's song "Brimful of Asha", there's the lyrics, "Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow." Well, a mattress is even better.

In case you're worried, she's had them removed and replaced with better implants, kind of an upgrade. But the story of why she had them in the first place is an interesting one. She said: "I was glamour modelling so I was always surrounded by girls with big boobs."

So she had surgery!? If you're upset because all the women you work with have bigger boobs, don't risk your life going under the knife. Become an Olympic athlete.

She said she was happy with the results but the surgery was so traumatic she vowed she would never get them replaced. She said: "I was like a hunchback for two weeks afterwards."

Did the surgeon put them on the wrong side?

Anyway, zoom forward to last year, she found out she had the substandard parts fitted and she had to get them fixed. So what have we learned? Because of the poor practices of some doctors Lauren and women like her have had to suffer the trauma of unnecessary surgery.

I'm glad she's come forward with her story as it teaches us a lot about what we are willing to risk just to look a little better. And at the end of the news story is says this...

"Lauren, who has also had lip fillers, a nose job, teeth veneers and Botox, admits she still isn't confident about her looks."

Yep, lesson learned.

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