Donna Air In 'Too Stupid' Legal Defence

Donna Air has been cleared of fraudulently applying for a parking permit after her lawyer argued "there was not a lot going on in her head".

If that's a legal excuse then the cast of The Only Way Is Essex could get away with murder.

The television presenter was accused of breaking council rules for having two permits for her car. It's against the terms and conditions and by having two the prosecution said she could've saved herself £5,700 in parking fees.

Wow. I think the real crime here is that you could have to fork out £5,700 in parking fees! That's more than my car is worth. It would be cheaper to just buy a car and leave it there.

Her barrister, Benn Maguire, told the jury at Isleworth Crown Court that she was not the sort of person to read forms properly. "I hope she will not criticise me," he said," but at the time there was not a lot going on in Ms Air's head, other than hot air.

Of course she won't criticise you. Like she's ever going to read the court transcript.

Donna claimed she had someone to do things such as form filling in for her. She said: "Since I became single, I have a girl who comes in and helps with the mundane things."

She hires a woman to do the horrible tasks no one else wants to do, and that gets her out of a fine. When I do the same... it's called prostitution. Tut.

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