Congrats Vladimir Putin

Congratulations to Vladimir Putin on a surprise win in Russia's presidential election. His party had better run out and buy a "Happy Election Win, Vlad" banner to hang up for when he gets back.

At a rally in front of the Kremlin but he was clearly shocked. He was emotional, with tears running down his face, as he said: "I promised you we would win. We have won. Glory to Russia."

And this is a guy who spends his spare time using his judo on wild bears, so he must've been really surprised by the win to cry.

And it must've been a surprise because you can't know that you're going to win an election unless you rig it. Surely he couldn't have done that. How would a former KGB man have the contacts and resources to rig an election?

And he even proved that it was all above board. There were webcams set up showing what was happened at the polling stations. It meant that people could watch to see if anything untoward was happening. It also meant I had a rubbish night on Chat Roulette but that's a different issue.

The central election commission gave Putin 63% with 22% of votes counted. The state-run VTsIOM polling agency said its exit polls predicted that Putin would take 58.3% of the vote. Which is great news, for everyone, apart from 41.7% of people. If Putin sees you voting for someone else on one of those webcams your ass is a dead as a big bear's ass when he's in Judo mode.

But some people aren't happy with this. They say Putin has fixed the election and the whole thing is a farce. And some even went as far as to demonstrate. There were women who turned up to vote topless as a mark of protest...

I saw these topless women on one of the webcams they had set up. So maybe my night on Chat Roulette wasn't wasted after all.


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