Brits Sleep With A Teddy

A study has found that about 35% of British adults admitted they sleep with a teddy bear.

"Admitted"? Why would you admit to it? Unless someone walked in and caught you tucking Mr Snuggems into his side of the bed, you don't admit to it. You deny it and walk on past the surveyor.

Apparently they do it to de-stress before bedtime, according to a Travelodge survey. Hmm, if only there was something else that you could do just before bed that would help you de-stress.

I suppose the Travelodge want to promote using a teddy to de-stress rather than the other thing because they have to clean the sheets.

About 25% of men polled said they bring their bears on business trips because the cuddly creatures remind them of home.

If something that furry reminds you of being at home with the missus, no wonder you spend so long on the road.

10% of women said they treat their teddy bear as a good friend with whom they share their most intimate secrets.

And if they treat it exactly like a friend they'll wait for the teddy to leave the room and then bitch about the shoes the teddy was wearing.

According to the survey, the average teddy in the country was 27 years old. Staying in a hotel and sharing your bed with a 27-year-old. There are worse things you could do.

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